SO what's the difference between a Comfyzak and a beanbag or boontjiesak? Apples and Oranges

SO what's the difference between a Comfyzak and a beanbag or boontjiesak? Apples and Oranges - Comfyzak Beanbags

Many people are often confused that a Comfyzak is just simply a HUGE beanbag or boontjiesak. While it is understandable why this confusion exists, they are far from the same, like apples to oranges!

Many of us grew up having a traditional beanbag of our own.  We were so excited to get that sack home and after only a couple months, its started to look like more a pancake than beanbag :/ Pretty soon it gets tossed out in the garbage because it starts to leak those messy white styro-foam beads everywhere and the only person in the family that sits on it anymore is the family pet Fluffy.  Everyone can relate to this and can remember saying to themselves, "I am never buying one of those pieces of junk again!"  While this is a smart decision to make, many people lump Comfyzak's in a similar category and as a result miss out on enjoying cloud nine comfort that simply can't be duplicated.

The Comfyzak and the traditional beanbag or boontjiesak differ on 4 things: Fill, Size, Comfort and Features. 

Fill:  Traditional beanbag chairs use white stryo-foam bead pellets. They are hard pellets that compress over time giving that appearance that the bag is shrinking. That sack then flattens out and soon becomes so compressed that it is no longer useful.  Comfyzak's on the other hand use high grade chopped polyurethane foam.  (the same foam used in top of the line couches and mattresses)  This foam will never flatten out and has a memory to it that will ensure that it returns to its original size every time :)  An inner linen sack is included with every Comfyzak which eliminates any foam leakage from occurring and also allows you to wash the cover without losing foam. Every Comfyzak is filled with our custom made Vitafoam, a perfect blend of high density (memory foam) and medium density foam's best properties; providing maximum support and luxurious comfort. Other South African foam beanbag companies often use recycled or scrap foam imported from countries like China in order to cut costs; this results in a very lumpy and uncomfortable sack that isn't worth the money you paid for it. Comfyzak uses only our A grade vitafoam which results in the most comfortable piece of furniture in existence.

Size: Most boontjiesak's are pretty small.  They usually are around 1 meter and other larger ones are pear shaped and claim to be 1.4 meter chairs.  The Comfyzak's are available in 1 meter, 1.2 meter, 1.4 meter, 1.6 meter and 1.8 meter diameter sizes.  The 1.2m sack is the perfect piece of dorm furniture for playing video games and watching the latest series.  The 1.8m sack however is our largest size, fitting two to three adults comfortably! It is great for theater rooms and 'man/woman caves' and will be the first seat taken at every family event :)

Comfort:  The comfort is where these products differ the most.  In fact there really should be no comparison on this topic because Comfyzak's are in a league of their own when compared to ALL furniture out there. Most beanbag sacks have the shiny vinyl covers that are cold and sticky. Comfyzak's come in 3 different indoor covers that are the most comfortable on the market: Suede, Corduroy and Flokati Fur. 

All our fabric options are lightweight which allows you to sink into the sack like you are jumping into a cloud.  The high quality foam cushions you as you flop into the sack creating a feeling of Utopia :)

Features: Traditional beanbags or boontjiesak's and many other foam sacks come with no added benefits and features, this is not so with the Comfyzak. Each Comfyzak comes with 4 included benefits and features:

A BEDinside: Our patented BEDinside feature is as its name suggests, namely that when the outside fabric cover is removed from a Comfyzak, the inner foam filled sack becomes a spare double or queen sized mattress. Perfect for sleepovers :)

MasterGuard Fabric Protection: Considering the luxurious comfort of the Comfyzak...and many of its owners falling asleep on them; we thought it completely vital that the Comfyzak fabric be protected from any spills and stains for your peace of mind :) MasterGuard protects all our Comfyzak's and comes with a 3 year protection warranty.

Static-neutralizing and waterproof base: Few things are worse than becoming charged with static electricity, your hair stands up and gets in a mess; and there's a painful shock from everything one touches :/ Unlike other foam beanbags our Comfyzak's have highly durable bases that are inlaid to neutralize static electricity built up from the foam and fabric during use; making sure you don't become a walking plug socket. Additionally, the Comfyzak's base is waterproof allowing for basic and temporary outdoor use :)

5 Year Warranty: Benjamin Franklin got it right, "The bitterness of poor quality will remain long after the sweetness of a low price." This is why all our Comfyzak's carry a 5 year factory warranty. "Superior Comfort and Quality, backed by Warranty."

We hope that this post is helpful! Comfyzak's truly are the most comfortable useful piece of furniture available; and are a necessity for anyone who loves to just flop down and enjoy a good movie.  Flop down, put your feet up and Get Comfy...its Guiltless Luxury!


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