Meet our influencer: Mr Miyagee

Meet our influencer: Mr Miyagee - Comfyzak Beanbags

In this series, we will be interviewing some of our favourite brand influencers. Today we are starting off with the cutest chihuahua, Mr Miyagee.

Introduce yourself. Who are you? 

My name is Mr Miyagee also known as agent M. Yes, I am a special Double Agent for the CSI: Chihuahua Secret Intelligence. In fact, I am an undercover agent who spies on cats!

I see that you’re quite famous. What amazing things have you starred in?

You make me blush! I see myself as just Mr Miyagee, the boy next door. My mom taught me to always stay humble with my four paws on the ground. I never lose sight of the things that matter in life.

I am currently in the latest December edition of “Animal Talk” and “Canine Zone” magazines. I have done stunts like a real James Bond alongside famous actors, models and movie directors from South Africa and Hollywood. 

Named as one of the 12 most photographed dogs in the world, I have appeared in print media countless times. I have been interviewed by local radio stations and featured on TV like My Vreemde Vriende, Kwêla and Stik Stik So. I also featured on stage for Dancers Loves Dogs: this was super cool as I had my own private dressing room!

What are some commercials that you have featured in?

There have been about 12! And there’s a short film on the cards that will be screened in 2023. You can view my Soulbites Chicken Licken Nuggets of Wisdom commercial here.

Then I was part of the Samsung Z3 Galaxy reveal commercial. One of my career highlights was the “Yes to Fresh Mentos” advert, which was screened in 10 countries (the US had over 14 million views).

And then I starred in the Renault Kiger commercial on DSTV. 

Who’s your dog mom?

My dog mom is Lindi who is also my translator. Let's face it, humans struggle to learn DOG but she gets me. She is also my agent and motivator and together we keep each other sane! But shhh… don't tell her that I said that. She is my professional “fur”-tographer.

What’s your favourite treat?

Haha… I have to laugh as I adore carrots. So much so, that in my one video I started seeing orange carrots E V E R Y W H E R E. Nowadays my fans send me gifts in the form of carrot toys. So, my all-time favourite treat are my Doggylish Chicken Carrot Wheels!

Other healthy snacks that keep me fueled while working a long day on set (or at an event) are the Ricky Pet Products Good Boy Treats to keep me healthy; the Little Big Paw meals and treats; and last but definitely not least is my Cooldogs Icecream for those hot summer days!

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not being an amazing dog celeb?

Me? Oh, I love to laze on my Comfyzak. It’s the best seat in the house and it’s all mine. Everyone knows that after a busy day, I just love to snuggle on it. It feels like my Comfyzak understands me and knows just how to hug me to relax me.

As a huge fan of my TV, I love to binge-watch movies about dogs from the comfort of my Comfyzak. My favourite show is Beverly Hills Chihuahua! In my spare time when not lazing around, I swim, exercise, enjoy light and massage therapy at Pet Wellness Works and go to dog training. One is never too old to learn new tricks! On summer days, I love to go for sunset drives in my car on the promenade!

What are you plans for 2022?

I love to live my life to the fullest and making each adventure count – no matter how big or small. I’m excited to be involved in charity events, projects, and product launches.

I've been asked to participate in a special social media launch that’s soon to be revealed! I am going to be part of some international and local campaigns, brand photoshoots and one that involves a road trip. I will also be launching my own designer fashion label this year.

But there will always be room for more snoozes on my Comfyzak for sure!


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