Comfyzak partners with Homechoice

Comfyzak partners with Homechoice - Comfyzak Beanbags

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with South Africa’s top home-shopping retailer Homechoice. A carefully selected range of Comfyzaks are now available to purchase on their website. We love the brand’s tagline “create the home you love” and stand behind their vision to offer affordable homeware to South Africans. We are proud to be part of their product offering!

You can now purchase the Velvet, Corduroy, Flokati Faux Fur, Outdoor and Denim Comfyzaks on their site.

Comfyzak Velvet Beanbag

The Comfyzak Velvet Beanbag is plush and soft to the touch. Perfect for sitting, lounging, cuddling in front of the TV – the Velvet Comfyzak is also a good spot for gaming. Try out this Cloud Nine experience for yourself!

Comfyzak Corduroy Beanbag

Soft to the touch, the Comfyzak Corduroy Beanbag is irresistibly comfortable and made of high-quality materials. It provides a wonderful relaxing experience for the whole family. Like all Comfyzaks, it will retain its attractive disc-shape for years.

Comfyzak Flotaki Faux Fur Beanbag

Enjoy a fluffy embrace with the Flotaki Faux Fur Beanbag. The shaggy faux fur has long to medium fibers for a smooth and gentle touch. We recommend this cuddly Comfyzak for people who love to relax and enjoy a sensory experience.

Comfyzak Outdoor Beanbag

The Outdoor Comfyzak beanbag is crafted for comfort and durability for all kinds of weather. A great addition for a garden party or braai, it’s good for lounging in the garden, cuddling under the stars or entertaining guests.

Comfyzak Denim Beanbag

The Denim Comfyzak beanbag is a versatile piece of furniture for your lounge, TV room or the kids’ room. Denim is durable and timeless – and the benchmark of “cool”. Like all other Comfyzaks, the Denim beanbag has a heavy-duty inner with a removable outer cover. So, you can always pop it into the washing machine!

If you’d like to have a look at the Homechoice range of Comfyzaks, then just click here. And if you have any queries about the products, please reach out to us.


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