Comfyzak BEDinside

What’s the Comfyzak BEDinside feature all about?

Our Suede and Corduroy Comfyzak beanbags all have a bed inside of them. Yes, you read that right! There's a mattress inside the beanbag so that you're prepared for any sleepover emergency, and you’re buying two products at once. So, when the in-laws come for a visit, or your child has a friend sleeping over, or your husband is snoring once again, there's a spare bed for them right in your home. 

A two for one product

Our brand philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest quality products that are versatile and fit right into a family and home. That's why we decided to include our patented specially designed mattress as a filling for our beanbags instead of just pumping them full of those small Styrofoam balls that escape only to have to be vacuumed up. 

It's not like putting a tent back into its bag

To use the BEDinside simply zip off the cover and flatten the bed inside. Putting the mattress back inside the Comfyzak cover is easy. All you have to do is roll and fold the inner using our supplied instructions, then zip the cover back on.

Size is everything, after all

We often get queries about what size of Comfyzak to buy. Well, we suggest that you measure the space where you want to put the Comfyzak and how many beds you want inside your Comfyzak. 

Here's a BEDinside list to guide you:

 Comfyzak Size BEDinside Details
Small (Corduroy | Suede) 1 x Double Mattress
Medium (Corduroy | Suede) 1 x Queen Mattresses
Large (Corduroy | Suede) 2 x Double Mattresses
Extra-Large (Corduroy | Suede) 2 x Queen Mattresses

 Comfyzak - BEDinside chart

Now that you’re clued up about the Comfyzak BEDinside feature, we wish you happy sleeping and lounging and flopping onto it. If you have any queries, just pop us an email.

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jenny Cornelissen said:

Please can you send me a pricelist. Thank you.

Jacqui said:

Whats the price range for the comfysaks?

Anita said:

I’m interested can I get more information please

Liesel said:

Please quote me on the large and extra large comfy sacks

Rabia Du Preez said:

Good Day

Do you sell the beans separately that’s inside the bed and if so how much is it, I cant find it on the website.

Otherwise how much is the bed alone and do you sell it separately.


Yolanda vd Merwe said:

Please send me prices on all of the different sizes and measurements of the bag when it is not a bed.. Thanks

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