Every Comfyzak product is made with the utmost care, ensuring that every soon-to-be owner receives the most durable and luxurious reclining experience possible. Not only is the Comfyzak beanbag lavishly comfy but its backed by a quality warranty and all the below benefits: (click an icon for more info)


Every Comfyzak beanbag has two separate covers; a heavy-duty inner and heavenly outer. The outer cover can be zipped off for cleaning purposes or to replace with a different fabric or coloured cover for special occasions.

The 100% virgin VitaFoam core is encased by the inner cover, and is home to the supremely comfortable magical 'bounce-back' support of every Comfyzak beanbag!

Outer cover: The outer cover comprises a choice of luxurious fabric, be it Classic Velvet or Sophisticated Corduroy. In addition, the base of each Comfyzak is 100% spillproof for safe temporary outdoor use.

Finishings: As part of the Comfyzak pedigree, each Comfyzak beanbag is completed with aesthetic fabric piping for visual grace and stout zips for longevity.

Heavy-duty Inner cover: A strong, durable, breathable linen.

Virgin VitaFoam: Vitafoam (a secret combination of memory and medium density foams) provides the ceaseless magical 'bounce-back' found in every Comfyzak beanbag; all the while delivering its supremely lavish support and comfort, which cradles every owner in a Lap of Luxury.



Magical 'Bounce-Back'

VitaFoam is the magical core of each Comfyzak beanbag. Being 100% virgin vitafoam (a secret combination of memory and medium density foams), it has the unique property of constantly restoring to its original size and shape.

This means, while you compress your Comfyzak beanbag while reclining in comfort you can be confident that when you get up, your Comfyzak will 'bounce-back' to its original size and shape without fail.

No inferior polyurethane, scrap foam or polystyrene is ever found in Comfyzak's!



Comfort & Strength

Each Comfyzak beanbag is filled with hundreds of pieces of VitaFoam, providing one of the most heavenly and supportive lounging experiences possible!

The unique combination of high and medium density grade foam also molds to your body supporting every inch of your being in a consistent Lap of Luxury.

Comfyzak beanbags has also recently been credited with alleviating lower back pain.

Every Comfyzak beanbag can be expected to retain its cloud nine support for at least 5 - 25 years before it may need a minor refill. (depends on the "out-of-normal" and intensity of use)