Comfyzak - masterguard+

3 Year Fabric Protection included with every Comfyzak!

MasterGuard is a water based fabric protection which is sprayed onto your Comfyzak, sealing the fabric fibers against food and liquid stains...spills are repelled immediately.


MasterGuard has a 3 Year Protection Warranty

  • Provides a barrier against absorption and abrasion.
  • Easy to clean: Just wipe spills away.
  • Full warranty on anything a person can eat or drink.
  • No silicone.
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Reduces fabric fading with UV3 sun protection.
  • Reduces wear and tear, promoting a 50% longer life-span.
  • Doesn't alter the 'feel', plushness or colour of the fabric, keeping maximum comfort.
  • Comfyzak is professionally treated before delivery.
  • Treatment is valued at R400 per small, R600 per medium and R900 per large Comfyzak!

As part of the Comfyzak pedigree, MasterGuard treatment is included with each Comfyzak FREE Of CHARGE.

*(Excluding: Faux Fur and all outdoor Comfyzaks)

Comfyzak - masterguard value



How does MasterGuard work?

This special formula contains polymers that surround each fibre of your fabric to prevent stains from settling into the fabric. These polymers cause liquids to 'bead' on the surface of the fabric...see pics below.


This protection prevents staining from oil and water-based stains, human excretions such as blood, urine and vomit, and much more.

MasterGuard also contains UV+ sunscreens to help prevent premature fading from the sun's harmful rays.


What do I do when a spill occurs?

Blot liquid spills gently with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible, to avoid a stain from forming. If a stain forms or dry spill occurs, gently agitate the stain with a clean, dry cloth, then vacuum away any loose remains.


If the stain is still apparent, please call the MasterGuard Customer Care Service Department at 0800 204 163 for further assistance.