Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PB/FR
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PB/WT
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PB/D
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PR/FR
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PR/WT
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PR/D
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PS/FR
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PS/WT
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PS/D

Denim Pillows

R300.00 ZAR

Denim: The Life Fabric... few fabrics have as rich a history as denim; durable, comfortable, functional, and the benchmark for “COOL” over the decades. A true legend. MAKE LIFE MORE COMFY...

Type: Set (Both)

Set (Both)
Set (Both)
Neck Roll

Piping Colour: Red


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Product Information

Denim: The Life Fabric... few fabrics have as rich a history as denim; durable, comfortable, functional, and the benchmark for “COOL” over the decades. A true legend.


Think about your neck for a minute. It's the only thing supporting your head - the place where you taste, smell, see and think...and all it asks in return for this important job is a little support ;) Cue the Neck Roll.

The Neck Roll is compact, super-comfortable pillow that fits right behind your head and neck, giving you just the right amount of "ahhhh" comfort!

Our Rectangle pillows are perfectly-sized throw pillows made of the same denim fabric as our Comfyzak beanbags, complementing it perfectly. Excellent as head rests, lap pillows, knee and leg comforters or for just lounging around getting comfy.

Combine the neck roll and rectangle throw pillow as a set, for even greater luxurious comfort...and easy to reach 'weapons' to resolve those shared seating "debates" :p

The LIFE fabric! Few fabrics have as rich a history as Denim; durable, comfortable, functional and the bench mark for 'cool' over decades. A legend.


 Denim Pillow specifications:

  • Heavy duty inner (separate bag)
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Aesthetic fabric piping for visual grace
  • Premium YKK Zips
  • Triple stitch locked seams
  • Branded Comfyzak
  • Filling: Vitafoam
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty
  • Denim (75% Cotton, 25% Polyester)
  • Automatically includes FREE MasterGuard Fabric Protection

Pillow size dimensions:

  • Neck Roll = 20cm diameter x 40cm long
  • Rectangle = 40cm wide x 60cm long

*All Comfyzak beanbags and accessories are shipped compressed for convenient and economic transport, they will expand once removed from their packaging. Some basic assembly will be needed.

Make life more comfy with our neck rolls and rectangle throw pillows.


    Few fabrics have as rich a history as denim. It's durable, comfortable, functional and has been the benchmark of "cool" for decades.

    From its birth in Italy in 1873, it gained popularity by Levi Strauss who invented the "work pants". It's a symbol of liberty, rebellion and freedom. Denim has always prevailed.


    Each Comfyzak is thoughtfully handmade with aesthetic piping and high-quality zips. The seams of our Comfyzaks are triple-stitched to ensure durability and a long lifespan.

    Our products are ethically handmade in South Africa and are 100% vegan.

    MasterGuard Protection

    MasterGuard is a water-based fabric protection that is embedded into the fabric fibres of your Comfyzak cover. It seals and protects the fabric from any spills such as food or drinks. The spills are repelled immediately.

    In addition, the cover has built-in UV 3 Solar Protection that protects your beanbag from fading in the sun.

    Warranty & Bounceback

    A blend of virgin foam ensures our magical ‘bounce-back’ core that is found in every Comfyzak. Merely talking about quality means little so each Comfyzak comes with a 5-year warranty*. Our products are a testament to our quality.

    * Per warranty terms unless it’s specifically stated otherwise.