Well now, size requirements have a number of factors… the amount of users, size of users and what personal seating style is; but most importantly it comes down to available floor space.

Please note that unlike our competitors our sack sizes are provided in their unoccupied state so will expand slightly further than their published dimensions, we therefore recommend measuring your available floor space to see what Comfyzak sizes can fit.

Please see detailed size information and recommendation article in this FAQ section or Size Information Page on our website.

  1. Recommended Floor Space - This is vitally important as it will dictate up to what size Comfyzak can fit into the intended space.
  2. Usage - What would you like to use your Comfyzak for? Couples and families, where there will be more than 1 user(therefore a medium or bigger); Nesting, Gaming, chill pads, office seating etc
  3. The User - We are all blessed to be unique individuals, because of this please take into account the height and weight of the user(s) that will be using the Comfyzak to ensure their comfort and support; while all sizes can be used the smaller sizes understandably would not be all that comfortable for tall, broad or heavier users. 

For example:

For short individuals the full selection of sizes could meet your needs, we would however not recommend anything smaller than a small…for those that are heaven reaching, we don’t recommend anything smaller than a medium.