All indoor Comfyzak’s are designed with 2 seat modes, (1) The Lounger and; (2) The High-Back*

* Excludes all XL sizes and outdoor Comfyzaks.

The Lounger is perfect for reclining back and ‘nesting’; while the High-back excels as a gamers pad, work-from-home throne or comfy-seating where one needs to be more upright.


Comfyzak beanbag - Lounger or High Back mode

To change from (1) to (2), turn the entire sack onto its side(narrowest side); then push firmly into the sack at 45 degrees creating a seat. Sit and Enjoy!

To revert to (1), turn the sack onto its side so the top circle faces the roof and the other is on the floor. Firmly push down on the foam filling to force the sack to flatten out. Then Jump, Sit and Enjoy!