To keep you Comfyzak beanbag in top condition…and you uber comfy; we recommend that your Comfyzak beanbag receive a fluffing regularly.

Because of the air-hungry nature of our foam, your Comfyzak beanbags will need to be fluff'ed every now and then depending on usage. 

The reason: 

Due to the foam filling being exceptionally greedy for air, over time the foam at the center of your Comfyzak beanbag will become starved for air and not ‘bounce back’ as quickly. To revitalize this bounce back, air needs to be circulated to the foam in the center by fluffing your Comfyzak beanbag; therefore allowing the foam in the center to fully expand to its normal plushy size again:)

What do you mean by "fluffing" the Comfyzak?

This is the action needed to let air get to the foam inside the Comfyzak beanbag, allowing it to expand to its full normal size after being used many times. 

To "Fluff" a Comfyzak simply: 

1.) Turn it onto its side; 

2.) push down, 

3.) then turn it back onto its base and 

4.) manoeuvre the Comfyzak beanbag back into your desired form.