Frequently Asked Questions

Now we know you have some questions, we all do! Check below for your answers, if still not satisfied contact us at 021 823 7777

What colours do you have?

Pool Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Orange, Grape, Yellow, Charcoal and Forest Green. As the Comfyzak CLOUD is locally manufactured we can add colours to our range, please drop us a line if you have a colour in mind and we will see what we can do.

How do you inflate/deflate the CLOUD?

To Inflate: the video and images on the main page of our website should show how it works and how easy it is. Inflate the CLOUD by scooping air with the open mouth while stepping forward. It should look like you are gulping air, close mouth after each gulp. When you have the desired amount of "inflation" in the CLOUD then roll the now closed mouth up, fold it together and connect the clasps!

To Deflate: it is as simple as the inflation process. After unclipping the opening, most of the air will be released immediately so that you can start rolling your CLOUD up from the closed end. Roll tightly and put it in the provided CLOUD carry bag for east storage and transport. Done.

What material is the CLOUD made of?

Unlike every CLOUD copy that is imported from China, which are made of nylon fabric; the CLOUD is made of a special superstrong, lightweight, high quality genuine Ripstop Nylon, exclusively produced to resist external influences and with the focus on durability and environmental sustainability.

A special cushion topper is also infused onto the Ripstop Nylon, giving it a comfortable soft texture, while removing the otherwise normal 'plastic sticky feeling' found in the cheaper Chinese imports.

What is the difference between the CLOUD and the imported look alikes?

That is a good question; and it basically comes down to Quality. The imported models are generally all from our Chinese friends, while the CLOUD is made locally under the established Comfyzak brand, and therefore forms part of the Comfyzak’s pedigree. Simply: Superior Comfort and Quality, backed by Warranty.

We manufacture the Comfyzak CLOUD using genuine Ripstop Nylon, a superior non-rip, non-tear, non-leak material, unlike the nylon fabric of the imported versions which has these same properties but to a much lower strength.

Our Ripstop Nylon is specially integrated with a thin cushion topper, which provides a supremely comfortable finish; in addition this finish eliminates the ‘stickiness’ that occurs on the other versions when they get wet or are used for extended periods.

We make use of premium YKK snap clips and unbreakable flex sheeting

All seams are double stitched using our stout thread, specially designed and inlaid with nylon weave; making them virtually unbreakable. Regrettably we have found that the imported versions contain a single seam stitch comprising normal clothing thread.

Where and on what kind of terrain can the CLOUD be used?

The Comfyzak CLOUD can be used on almost any imaginable surface; such as grass, sand, concrete and even snow and water. This makes the CLOUD your only choice for festivals, parks, on the beach and other places when it comes to relaxation. In addition, its durability makes it possible to place the CLOUD on uneven grounds like in the mountains, in the jungle or other uncomfortable places.

Please exercise caution when using the CLOUD near open flames and beware of very sharp protruding objects on surfaces.

How secure is the inflated CLOUD against wind, while nobody is sitting on it?

Wind is pretty much a norm in South Africa, because of this each CLOUD has a built in peg loop so it can be secured and pegged to the ground. You can also easily tie the closing loop to the carry bag that can be filled with sand or rocks and attached to the closing loop to keep the CLOUD from blowing away when nobody is sitting on it. But lets be honest though it is hard to imagine a moment when nobody wants to sit on the CLOUD.

Is the CLOUD waterproof and can it float on water?

Yes, we even took it ‘surfing’ baby waves!

However, please note, it is not recommended as a personal flotation device / rescue device and or to be seen as a piece of equipment for any water rescue service.

What is the size and weight of the CLOUD?

The CLOUD weighs less than 2kgs (1,5kgs for the accountants among us) and has dimension of 75cm x 10cm x 10cm when being rolled into its carrying bag. The CLOUD when fully inflated its dimensions are: 2.2m (L) x 85cm (W) x 55cm (H) has a spread of about 210cm*100cm.

What is the CLOUD’s maximum weight capacity?

250kgs. We recommend not putting more than 3 or 4 people on it.

Where can I ship my order and what are your shipping rates?

Our network of partners around the globe allows us to ship nationwide (within South Africa) and internationally. Low Shipping rates, no matter where you are or how many CLOUD’s you order.

Do I get any benefit as an international customer, as this is a product manufactured entirely in South Africa?

Yes, but this is dependent on your country. You may be subject to a customs duty or sales tax exception or both, per the bilateral trade agreements in place. Please contact us for more details.