Comfyzak CLOUD - air lounger (Free Delivery)

R999.00 ZAR

Cloud: The Comfyzak cloud or cloud for short :) is a comfortable sit anywhere lounger that can be filled with air in seconds, using our unique filling technique.


A pioneering adventure to find a way to sit on air...and we got it RIGHT!

Locally Made - Superiour Comfort and Quality, backed by Warranty

Statements about quality mean little, therefore like other elite pedigrees; each Comfyzak CLOUD comes with a 1 Year Factory Warranty, a testament of its quality. Be cautious of inferior imports.


The Comfyzak cloud or cloud for short :) is a comfortable sit anywhere lounger that can be filled with air in seconds, using our unique filling technique.

While the CLOUD is large and comfortable, it is easily deflated and stored in its carry bag, allowing for it to accompany you anywhere you want! As a result the CLOUD is the perfect buddy for all your outdoor (and even indoor) activities; from hiking, mountain climbing, festivals, beach trips, concerts, chilling on the lawn to grabbing a nap during lunch break and much, much, more!

Each CLOUD is built with high grade thread to prevent “popping” and strong but comfortable Ripstop Nylon, which comprises a specially integrated plush topper for luxurious comfort. The Comfyzak CLOUD does it all... and all the while providing a cloud nine experience for your entire being.



Lightweight and easy to carry

Coming in under 2Kgs the CLOUD is light enough to be easily carried with you wherever you go. The carry bag is designed to be carried comfortably. ​


No pump needed

The CLOUD is easily inflatable without the need to carry a pump or complicated tools. The large single mouth fills the CLOUD by 'gulping' air.


RipStop Nylon

The CLOUD is made from hard wearing and abrasion resistant genuine Ripstop Nylon that shrugs off daily wear and tear effortlessly.


Great for all surfaces!

The CLOUD can go anywhere! It is at home on the sand of the beach to the snow of the mountains and the waves of the sea.


Anchor points

Each CLOUD has a built in peg loop so it can be secured to the ground to anchor it in windy conditions, after all we wouldn't want you to play 'that' type of catch!


Easily accessible pocket

The CLOUD comes with two (2) handy pockets for you to keep at hand the modern era essentials such as cell phone, tablets, keys and books.



The CLOUD comprises locally sourced non-toxic, recyclable and recycled materials to bring you a locally made environmentally friendly product.



The CLOUD’s material includes an integrated thin cushion topper that provides a plush, soft and supportive finish while the air filling provides support.



Life outdoors is prone to dampness, insects and fungi; to combat this the CLOUD is enhanced with an anti-fungal protective barrier.



The CLOUD’s material is specially selected to avoid the ‘sticky feeling’ found in competitive products when wet or used for extended periods.


UV and sun resistant

Rest assured the CLOUD's material is safeguarded from the harsh solar radiation of the African sun and subsequent fading.


Extra strong bond

Contributing to the pedigree of endurance, the seams of each CLOUD are double stitched with our specially designed and inlaid nylon weave thread ensuring longevity and durability.

How to inflate the Comfyzak CLOUD

To Inflate: the video and images below should show how it works and how easy it is. Inflate the CLOUD by scooping air with the open mouth while stepping forward. It should look like you are gulping air, close mouth after each gulp. When you have the desired amount of "inflation" in the CLOUD then roll the now closed mouth up, fold it together and connect the clasps!

To Deflate: it is as simple as the inflation process. After unclipping the opening, most of the air will be released immediately so that you can start rolling your CLOUD up from the closed end. Roll tightly and put it in the provided CLOUD carry bag for east storage and transport. Done.

Comfyzak CLOUD inflation Video

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

We all know that we have questions about new products. Please visit our Comfyzak CLOUD FAQ page for your questions and answers here.