11 Reasons to Love your Comfyzak Beanbag

We thought that a review of Comfyzak might be a bit boring so we’ve put together 11 reasons why you should invest – or if you already own one, treasure – your Comfyzak.

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How to Chose the Right Comfyzak For You

Grab an ice cold Coke and plop down on your Comfyzak. Oh, but wait! You don’t own one yet? Then we’ve got the perfect guide for you to help you chose the right Comfyzak beanbag for your home.

Here are 4 tips to help you chose:

Indoor vs Outdoor

comfysak-cloudWe have Comfyzaks for couch potatoes, outdoor explorers, and indoor loungers. If you love chilling at local beaches, enjoy a picnic in the sun, or want a lounger for your rooftop garden, then our waterproof Comfyzak Cloud or our Outdoor bag is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a luxurious addition to your living room, kids’ play room, or even your office, then have a look at our indoor range of Comfyzaks.

We’ve also developed a Comfyzak BEDinside that doubles as a bed for all of those last-minute guests or even the in-laws (yikes!).

Outdoor sak


We chose three fabrics that are super-soft, and feel lovely and plush: corduroy, suede, and fur. We also have a durable, outdoor fabric in the shape of the Comfyzak CLOUD.



Now that’s a very personal preference. Inspired by Pantone’s 2016 trendy hues and Africa’s bold colours, we suggest you look at our catalog and find the colour that best suits your home.

We’re busy bees and are always inventing new products to keep our customers happy!


This is the most important factor! Our beanbags are big bad boys. The medium size is almost as large as a double bed. Please measure the space where you want to put the beanbag and compare to our measurements (see below). We don’t want you to chuck out your pot plant just to fit in your Comfyzak!

Pick the dimension that’ll fit into the space you want to fill.

Bag Size  Dimensions
Kids 1m x 50cm
Small 1.2m x 70cm
Medium 1.4m x 70cm
Large 1.6m x 70cm
X-Large 1.8m x 70cm

Remember: the EXTRA LARGE can fit up to 3 people.

Comfyzak size chart

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4 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Instantly Cosy

We’re not talking about going thrift-shopping, spending hours trolling Gumtree, or “up-cycling” old décor items. No, we’re talking about making smart choices for your home that will last you a long time but that won’t break the bank.

1. Textured rugs make a room pop

Generally, the rule is that your living room carpet should be of a good quality and larger than your coffee table – and wide enough that the chairs and sofa in your lounge can rest on it. These types of carpets are usually quite expensive. So if you want to go the more affordable route, get your hands on a textured rug and transform your bedroom or living room instantly.


2. Baskets are beautiful

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on designer decor items then head to your nearest Builder’s Warehouse. Most outlets sell a range of woven baskets, which echo the shabby chic style. Use it for storage in the kitchen, to fill an empty space (say on top of your fridge), or for a place to store your winter blankets next to the couch.


3. Beanbags are versatile bad boys

If you’ve just bought a home and are looking for furniture pieces that are both bespoke, and will last you a last-time, then a beanbag is a great investment. Comfyzak makes quality beanbags that your children, pets, and partner will love! You can use them in the kids’ room, in front of the TV, or outside on the deck.

Don’t worry… these bad boys will last you a lifetime. If you’d prefer to chill outside, Comfyzak also has an outdoor range available made of weatherproof material.


4. Sexy succulents make a statement

If you’re heading to the nursery, make sure to have a look at the succulents! They add a pop of cool to any corner or desk in your home. Plus, they’re pretty affordable and require little care.

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