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Corduroy Pillows - Comfyzak P-C/PB/ST

Corduroy Pillows

R200.00 ZARR350.00 ZAR
Corduroy: Strike the right note with a Trendy Corduroy Comfyzak. Corduroy is soft, textured and comfortable, yet oozes class and sophistication... the perfect stylish addition to any room. MAKE LIFE...
Denim Pillows - Comfyzak P-D/PB/FR

Denim Pillows

R180.00 ZARR300.00 ZAR
Denim: The Life Fabric... few fabrics have as rich a history as denim; durable, comfortable, functional, and the benchmark for “COOL” over the decades. A true legend. MAKE LIFE MORE...
Flokati Fur Pillows - Comfyzak P-F/PB/WF

Flokati Fur Pillows

R250.00 ZARR400.00 ZAR
Flokati fur: Embrace Guiltless Luxury. Among fabrics, few rival flokati fur - shaggy, luxuriously textured, a flokati Comfyzak envelopes guests in its fluffy embrace. MAKE LIFE MORE COMFY WITH OUR...
Velvet Pillows - Comfyzak P-S/PB/TL

Velvet Pillows

R200.00 ZARR350.00 ZAR
Velvet: A Timeless Classic... throughout time, velvet has been a luxurious classic, being plush, soft, and supportive - an essential, cozy family must-have. MAKE LIFE MORE COMFY WITH OUR NECK...